Keeping Up with Google's Changes

With Google having such a leading position in the search engine world and so many webmasters looking to Google for traffic, you might guess that there's a lot of discussion about Google in various places around the Web. And you'd be right! My favorite place for Google news and gossip is Webmaster World ( It's not often that the terms civilized and online forums go together, but they do in this case. Discourse on this site is friendly, informative, and generally flame-free. I have learned a lot from this site.

There are also a few weblogs focused on Google and searching in general:


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Narender said...

Rightly said..It depends on how often you add new content to the site. According to Online Marketing 'Google and the other search engines will only come back as often as you update the content' i.e. if you update the content once every couple of weeks then the search engines will come back every couple of weeks.
Looking at adding a news section to your site which updates at least once a week. This will help you get your content indexed quicker with the search engines.

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