Google's Importance to Webmasters

What is Google? .. isn't Google just a simple search engine, a website like any other?

Recently its reach become alooot greater than any other search engine, simple or. Google partners with some of the major players - like AOL for example (there many others but to keep it we will leave you discover those in some of the later posts) They use the Google index results to feed their content hungry customers and visitors. In addition to that there are sooo many websites using the Google API. So when you think about potential visitors from Google search results, your imagination should go way beyond traditional search engine borders.

How Google sees your website has become a really important factor that will determine how well you will rank in the search results and how fast your site will be indexed, everything turns around the "big G" which means that you want to make sure that your site abides by the Google rules or risk not being picked up.

Welcome the Spiders. If you do want generic search traffic you you're going to have to make sure that your site is optimized for Google and ready to be indexed - then - accept the important guests - the spiders. We will discuss those later on.

And if you're concerned that Google should not index some parts of your site, you need to understand the ins and outs of configuring your robots.txt file to reflect your preferences.

To be continued...

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