The Mysterious PageRank

You might hear a lot of people talk about Google's PageRank, bragging about attaining the misty heights of rank 7 or 8 or speaking reverently of sites that have achieved 9 or 10. PageRanks range from (sites that have been penalized or not ranked) to 10 (reserved for only the most popular sites, such as Yahoo! and Google itself).

Google has never provided the entire formula for their PageRank. It wouldn't surprise me to learn that the formula is changing all the time; as millions of people try myriad methods to increase their page ranking, Google has to take these efforts into account and (sometimes) react against them.

Why is PageRank so important? Because Google uses that as one aspect of determining how a given URL will rank among millions of possible search results. But that's only one aspect. The other aspects are determined via Google's ranking algorithm.

The latest trends in SEO show that the PR is not that important lately .. but we should still keep an eye on it...

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